36″ Red Cedar Deluxe wood strip Canoe Kit


You’ll have hours of enjoyment constructing our most popular kit, the 36″,  2 inch = 1 foot or 1/6th  scale model of an 18′ E.M. White guide canoe. The 36″ was the first model kit we offered with thousands built today. The construction of this kit is identical to the building the full size version such as the strong back and setting up with the forms, along with the stripping process is just like the full size canoe. Assembling the 36″ and all other kits  requires basic hand tools such as sander, small Harbor freight 4″ sliding bar clamps ($1 at stores), clothes pins and basic wood working skills. 99% of all people that take on this kit produce fabulous results, as can be seen in the customers photo gallery.  Build time can be 20 to 40 hours depending on the amount of detail, and what we call “drying time”,  Everyone is always very proud of their model and boast that “they made it themselves” with a very large repeat customer coming back to build the next larger model.  Watch the wood strip video to see how easy it is! Click here to Download & Print brochure PDF file

We’ve introduced the Digital plans available as a download for each canoe model and the strip kayak. The plans come as a PDF file in which you print them out, or only the needed form templates, and cut out your own parts, all for $20! You can also buy the complete plans books with 4 sets of the plans for 3 canoes and strip kayak. Both a great value!

The chandelier light kit add on is similiar to the larger chandelier light kits as it is a CNC cut light deck, cross members, two LED flood lights (not really dimmable) and all the wiring, terminals and pull switch. These lights are very nice, bright and great for over your desk, bed or small snack bar.

Pine ribbing is standard and easiest to work with, while the red cedar ribbing is darker and more contrast.


The 36″ kit is a full featured kit just like the 54 & 72″ kits.  Red Cedar  (seat frames, thwarts, bow & stern caps and toe rails).  A contrast from the pine strips. There will also be 2 strips of Red Cedar  for a striped hull layup. Real cane webbing for the seat material for a realistic seat! All kits include many extras such as your choice of Red Cedar or clear pine ribbing kit, a paddle kit, 6 stem laminates for real life laminated stem, 2 copper half round stem guards! Using the epoxy & cloth kit ensures a long lasting, durable canoe but not required.  As always, please feel free to email me or call with any questions at all.

INCLUDED with every kit is:

-13 CNC cut 1/4″ plywood forms with the centers cut out.

-A lettered strong back cut out of MDF material ( to prevent any warping corresponding to the forms for easy set up.

– A large bundle of about 30 full length  clear native white pine strips

-2 ” Red Cedar dress” strips

-4 rounded toe rails (choice of wood)

-2 sets of seat frames, 3 thwarts, 2 breast hooks or end decks, (choice of wood) and a prewoven cane seat material.

-square stock of pine for holding the seat material in place

-3 piece wall mount for displaying the finished model

-Easy to read step by step instruction manual. (can be downloaded for studying)

-Attractive custom made packaging with colorful label, attractive gift.

-Bundle of Pine ribbing material but Red Cedar can be ordered for extra.    Both are easily formed for that real ribbing look!

-2 copper half round stem guards

-6 stem laminates for that real stem look

-1 paddle kit with template

-How to build the wood strip canoe video with a full assembly video of the 36” itself.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 6 × 2 in

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