96″ Wood Strip Canoe Chandelier, DRAFT The Gran Daddy of them all!


We’ve been building the 96″ Wood strip Canoe Chandelier for years and loads of them have been built from our kits. This canoe light is a large 8 feet long, 16.5″ wide and about 8″ deep bow to stern. Rich Red Cedar toe rails, seats, thwarts and deck caps, pine stripping stained an antique pecan color. Covered with transparent fiberglass cloth and epoxy  for strength and longevity. The standard LED lights are 4″ but  there are 6″ LED Flat Panel lights available for even more light. This is our most beautiful chandelier! If you want to build your own, check out the 96″ CANOE KIT. Ships in a large 1/4″ plywood crate.




We’ve had so much fun building these life like canoes and finishing them as chandeliers. The kits have been extremely popular, especially since the savings is huge. For us to build these, there is about 50 hours start to finish. Once completed, they will ship via a rugged 1/4″ plywood box that is 8 feet long, 20″ wide and 12″ tall and goes UPS Ground. Shipping costs vary to location but is usually $340, which includes the construction and packing of the plywood box. This insures the safe delivery, there is no other way, I’ve tried.