The 72`` Stitch & glue kayak kit

The big 6′ Stitch & Glue kayak kit. 1/8″ Mahogany plywood with clear pine Red cedar decking. Kick up rudder, coaming, foam seats, opening hatches!

42'' Stitch & Glue Kit

The 42″ plywood “Hybrid” stitch & glue kayak kit has been remastered and better than ever. Added a rudder and a helpful sheer clamp.  Very easy to build in a 1/3 of the time of the others. Modeled after the very popular kits.

42`` Wood strip Kayak Kit

The new  42″ wood strip kayak has a higher bow and flatter aft section. Modeled after one of the popular DIY full size kits. This is a real beauty and easy to build. Very pleased with this new version and you will be too!

55`` skin on frame kayak model kits

The 55″ skin on frame kayak. The easiest, least of mess to build, with impressive results  at a low price. Exactly like building the full size. Click for details