42” Strip kayak kit


The 42″ wood strip kayak kit is a beautiful kayak to build. Graceful lines with a proud bow depicts the real life kayak that has toured rivers and lakes around the world. The kit comes with a generous bundle of carefully selected pine wood strips, a set CNC (computer cut) 1/4″ plywood forms, numbered strong back. Packaged in an attractive labeled box and ships world wide. Sure to please any outdoors man or paddling enthusiast. All parts and materials are made here in the USA. Custom made shipping box keeps rates low.

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The kit comes with a generous bundle of carefully selected pine wood strips for the sides and another set of wider strips with Red Cedar for deck, a set CNC (computer cut) 1/4″ plywood forms that are set up on a numbered strong back to create a form of the kayak. The strips are glued edge to edge around the forms, creating a real kayak. This process is just like building the full sized kayak, so you’ll be well versed in wood strip construction after building this kit. Basic knowledge of hand wood working tools is all that’s needed. Because of it’s rugged and quality materials, the model will last for generations. Plus two plaster cast seats which can be carved and painted any color, along with webbing, imitation buckles, black braided cord, brass brads, a two piece mahogany plywood coaming for the cockpit, two thin ply hatch covers, compass rose decal, DVD with assembly video on this kayak along with step by step instructions, an optional paddle kit and wall mount for that finishing touch. Video is available for viewing right here under How to Videos.

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 6 × 2 in

42" wood strip kayak kit, Paddle kit kayak