(A) The 36", 54" & the kayak model are all in the capabililties of anyone that has knowledge of basic hand woodworking tools such as an electric sander, jig saws, razor knife, pliers, hammer and small saw. The 72" is also fairly easy except, it requires covering the hull with epoxy and cloth. One could get away without doing this step, but it wouldn't be as durable without it. It is highly recommended and is also an excellent experience, and itself is very easy to do. All the kits are designed to be straight forward in assembly, with full instructions, videos and support.
(A) There are two main types of glue. A yellow or white wood glue such as an Elmers or Titebond brand or the white Gorrilla glue, which allows the modeler plenty of time to position his parts. it sets quickly, in less than a half hour and dries strong and clear. it sands well. There is also another glue call CA glue or Cyanoacrylate adhesives, which is very fast setting and strong. There is also deactivator in case you need to "Un glue it". Be careful to not let glue drip or sag onto plywood areas that will be varnished or clear finish over them as it might show. Use masking tape.
(A) A piece of plywood to fasten the strong back to usually one foot wide by four foot long for the wood strip kits. Then it can be clamped to your table or bench so it wont move around. The kits are designed to be used with the Harbor Freight 4" sliding bar clamps, which are great for so many uses. They can be bought on sale for $1 each, but normally $2 each. Also a small hobby wood plane, a sanding block, a razor knife and a Hyde scraper or other type of scraper.
(A) Yes, many people do use a high build primer, sand it very smooth, and then using spray cans, apply several coats of a gloss finish.
(A) If you are not satisfied for any reason, return the kit to me within two weeks, complete with all the parts, and I will issue a refund immediately. The buyer will have to pay the return shipping costs. We have not had that request yet to date.
(A) I ship "priority international". It is usually about $35 to $40 USD and remains the same fast service.
(A) Since there are knives and other sharp tools used in the process, we recommend adult supervision for ages below 14, however, we've had some very impressive models made by kids younger than that in the boy scouts or 4H clubs They most likely had some supervision and successful results.
(A) The 24", 36",42,48 & 54" come with a wall mount kit. The 72" doesn't come with one because there are so many variations in hanging. We do have a new desktop wave shaped stand available for most of the models. We have one gentleman that even made a chandelier out of it. The kayak comes with a wall or desktop mount. *If you haven't seen your question answered in the aforementioned, please contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.