The new 72″ Kayak light soon to be available as a kit.

I had numerous requests for a short length kayak light, so I finally made one for Denise in Barrington, NH, to light up their lakeside home. It is exactly like the 94″ version, scaled down. The advantage of this light over the other is shipping cost when completed. Very pleased with how it came out. Should have the kit available soon.

Great job on a 36″ Canoe

Dale Balmer of Midland City, Alabama, finished out a kit and did a superb job! He added his own touches. I asked Dale how he got the finish and he said he applied the epoxy and cloth, then ended up sanding it out with 220 and applying oil based polyurethane, and sanding it out with 400 grit between coats. Four coats of poly total. It is a beauty, thanks for the photos Dale!

Great job on the kayak chandelier by Peter Bennett

Peter has made great use of his stay in time, turning out a very nice kayak chandelier from our kit. Peter also has a post on here showing off his 42″ kayak he built. Thanks as always for the pictures and inspiration. Peter said in his email: Hey Ray, everything may be closed here, but my bar is all lit up. Really proud of this one! Hope all is well, Peter.