“This Old Canoe Chandelier”

Our newest canoe is a 96″ “Skeleton” canoe, which is the ribbing only with all the other pieces such as the toe rails, seats, thwarts and deck caps. It looks awesome. There’s some tricky parts that we learned how to overcome. All the ribbing had to be laminated with two layers of ribbing so it would maintain it’s shape when dry and be strong enough. Staining is the other challenge, since it is hard to do multiple stains, so we opted to make the whole canoe look like a very old canoe that had been weathered. It has the same premium LED flat panels, 7″ and more lumens, dimmable and very attractive. The light deck is tucked up high enough that small pendant lighting could be installed. This type of skeleton canoe has been requested many times, so we decided to give it a try. Very pleased with it. As of right now, this one is for sale.