96″ light with antique stain

Just built a 96″ canoe light with the big 7″ LED lights. Stained the dark color, it looks old and like it belongs. I also put in the narrow light deck, which personally, I like better than the full width version. You’re able to see the ribbing and inside of the canoe, especially after I put so much work into the ribbing. This one is going to Washington State.

Narrow deck showing off more of the ribbing and inside of the canoe. I build these and hate to see them go.

Using water based paints

I have switched from the oil base poly and paints to all water based products by Rustoleum. The water based paint is great, levels out well, dries fast and hard. Same with the clear finishes as well, and best of all, no fumes. This is a 72″canoe with a dark stain on the inside and the narrow light deck.

New Light deck design

Diana of Palmer, Alaska ordered a 72″ Paulownia stripped chandelier. She said she would like to see more of the ribbing. So I cut the light deck down to 7″ wide. Very pleased with this suggestion, so much so that it might be the new norm.

42″ Stitch & Glue Kayak by Peter Bennett

I asked Peter if had he any suggestions to improve on the kit. He said, “the only recommendation is to remember to have fun and don’t stress yourself out over little mistakes. Once I relaxed it was much easier”. I have often said that to builders. it is better to complete the model and learn how to make it better next time. Thanks Pete for great photo!