96″ canoe kit


We no longer are offering the complete 96″ kit with strips, ribbing and Red cedar toe rails because of wood supply and shipping issues. We do offer the stripped down kit, which includes the 11 large CNC cut forms, along with the pine or (optional Red cedar) seat frames, the small weave seat cane, thwarts, 6 stem laminates, 2 large deck caps and the pre-drilled 6 gauge stem guards for $189.95 +sh. All you have to do is get clear pine or cedar boards from local lumber and rip into strips 3/16″ thick. Width can vary. The toe rails can me cut out of pine as well or red cedar decking or any other wood and you build a strong back. Full instructions. DVD This a great value to build a real canoe for fraction of the price. The chandelier kit is available as well which includes 5 LED flat panels, the narrow CNC cut light deck, cross members, wiring and hardware. Turn your finished canoe into a beautiful light. Please note that the kit comes with pine finish parts unless you need the optional red cedar.


Very pleased with the new 96″ long wood strip canoe kit.  Many new changes with the design. Much more recurve in the bow and stern to look more like the Charles or older Old Towns. Also a little wider and flatter bottom. White pine ribbing   with all finish parts  Red Cedar and pine ribbing. Same easy to build method, just larger. Does require epoxy and cloth. Build just as a canoe or purchase the chandelier kit for a real eye catching chandelier.

The large clear pine strips are 5/8″ wide so the lay up builds quickly. I found also the thickness of the strips in relation to the width, allowed them to easily conform to the twists, thus laying very flat. Less sanding at the end. Even though it is very large, 8′ long, it is still very manageable to build in any basement or work bench

It is helpful to be able move from one side to the other. Cover it with the clear epoxy and 3 oz cloth and or a layer of Dacron heat shrinkable fabric for a real canvas look. The higher bow and sterns were a little tricky with bending the inner and outer toe rails. Had to be very careful doing this, being sure to use a lot of clamps.

Many builders turn the finished canoe into a chandelier with one of my “chandelier light kits” or design their own. There have been many built so far with great success. Even though a first time builder could build this, I recommend starting with a smaller version first. Not meant to be used in the water. This is an exciting project at a great price.

Each 96″ canoe kit comes with all the forms, seat frames, seat cane, cap decks, thwarts, copper stem guards. The builder makes his own strong back from the plans included.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 8 in

96" canoe kit, 96 Epoxy cloth kit