96″ Canoe Chandelier light kit


96″ Canoe Chandelier Light kit takes all the work out converting your pride and joy into a very functional and beautiful chandelier. The kit comes with a cnc cut narrow light deck. LED Flat panel lights. Now you have the choice of the 7″ for the most light or the 5″, round or square. All the wiring, connections, plug, cross members and instructions. Ship Fed EX ground. A great value.

Unfortunately the LED flat panels skyrocketed in price as well as limited availability. I was given no bulk order discount this recent order. Each light cost me $10.70 more than last year. I had to raise the price on all the light kits to match that.

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The 96″ Canoe Chandelier kit is a real value. The pre-made, pre-cut CNC light decks saves all the work of assembling individual strips, cutting them to fit and sanding. Plus the Premium LED Flat Panel lights are the best. Energy effecient along with being dimmable and has 3 shades of white. Cool white for the brightest light, warm white for a softer effect and sun white is an in between. Easy to install, along with all the wiring, connectors, shrink tubing, hanging eyes and a system that works well. Choice of 6″ round or square, or 4″ round or square. Turn your beautiful hand made canoe into a working light that will last for  along time. Recently (10/21) the price of the LED lamps jumped up $10 more each.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 65 × 8 × 3 in