36``Wood strip canoe kit

The 36″ is our most popular model and also the original. Full of the same features of the bigger kits. A lot of fun and a great value. Click on pictures to view details.

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54`` Wood strip canoe kit

The 54 is a step up from the 36, allowing the builder a little more artistic finesse. Also many have found it a bit easier to build since it is larger. A good starter kit. Most of all it can be made into a beautiful Chandelier later if you choose. A great value, nice gift, project.

72`` Wood strip canoe kit

The 72″ kit is getting into the big world. Six feet long and 12″ wide, this a real beauty. Built the same way as the others. It is recommended that the builder covers the outside with epoxy and cloth to strengthen it and keep it together for years. A great project which can be turned into a fabulous chandelier , lighting up your pool table, dining table or bar. Great gift. Easy to build. Great results!

96`` Wood strip canoe kit

The 96 is the Gran Daddy of them all. This is a real canoe, but just shy of being able to actually be used as canoe in the water. This is as close as it comes to building the full sized canoe right on your work bench. It does require a more bench space, more sanding but is still easily built. Definitely needs the epoxy and cloth to make it durable and long lasting. The greatest of the Chandeliers. Click picture for full details.

24`` wood strip canoe kit

The 24″ is small and compact but has most of the same features as the larger kits. It will give the builder a clear vision of what it is like to build a canoe. A great conversation piece that will be cherished for years. Measures about 24″ when done. Varnished or painted it will be a great project requiring very little space.

Grand Laker canoe

The Grand Laker is the real beauty queen of all the kits. This one is a little trickier to build because of the transom, which stays in place. All of the strips are glued to the transom. Otherwise built just like the other canoes. There is the outboard kit which is easy to put together and paint. Click picture for more details.