Kayak Chandelier


The coolest and only Kayak Chandelier available. We sell this one completed and ready to hang in any room. A real eye opener but also a very functional light. It’s a modified replica of the canvas covered Expedition Kleppers. They all had an internal frame work that came apart so the Kayak could be carried into remote places and assembled. A great conversation piece and excellent light source, sure to be a winner. Shown here as completed light, ready to hang at your home. Actual length is about 92″ long 18″ wide. There is the  “kayak chandelier kit” if you would like to build your own and save. The completed kayak’s length can be adjusted to suit 1 foot either way when built from a kit. Ships in the plywood crate for protection. Choose 4 or 6 LED flat panel lights, and round or square.


The Kayak Chandelier is made with a rich cherry stained, cabinet grade 1/2″ plywood forms, with poplar stringers that are stained a dark teakish color, then glued and screwed together. The light deck is a CNC machined 1/4″ plywood stained a light weathered grey .It also has the fabulous 4″ 3 in 1 LED Flat panel lights (square or round). Choice of four or six of them, so  you’ll get lots of light when you need it, but they can be dimmed to a cozy faint glow. Larger 7″ lights are also available. Round or square, or choice. Very nice light for any paddling enthusiast. Custom stain or colors and options, or if you have your own ideas on lighting.  Click here for the product information if you’d like to build your own Kayak Light kit. Ships in a large 1/4″ plywood crate to ensure safe delivery. Shipping varies by method and location, so please contact me with your information and I will figure out your options and cost. Send me a note here.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 92 × 18 × 7 in