54 Canoe Chandelier light kit


Turn your 54″ work of art canoe into a beautiful and very functional canoe light. Will last for ages and be admired by everyone. Easy to add to your canoe. Premium LED Flat panel lights. Choice of round or square. Square is the default.

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There is a  light kit  for the 96″, 72″ or the 54″ which is an add on kit, for those that want to make it into a beautiful “canoe chandelier”. All the light kits now come with the Premium LED Flat panel lights. They are a little more expensive but a much better light. Why? First of all they are very bright and can be dimmed down to a glow without any flicker, but most of all there are three shades of white which can simply be switched from one to the other using the wall switch. There is the choice of Cool White, Warm White or Sun White. Fastening the lights to the deck is much better as well, allowing the lights to be easily removed, along with a nice connector. These are excellent lights that are very energy efficient as well, drawing a mere 8 watts, or 12 watts for the larger optional 7″.

The 54″ kit come with 2 s that screw into the pine decking with cross members. The whole assembly gets several brass screws from the outside, that holds it in place and/or glue it all to the hull with construction adhesive. Easy to assemble and finish. Familiarity with electrical tools is needed to wire the lights and cord together.

Comes with wide & thin pine floor boards, 3 cross members cut to fit in the hull but some fitting will be required, plus brass screws , wire, 2 lights, electric cord , and what ever else is needed to install. $165.00 + shp. Shipping will be figured less if it is combined with the 54″ kit.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 8 × 2 in