My name is Ray Cayer and I have been building the canoe model kits, and the fully assembled models for over 30 years, along with doing scrimshaw and other artwork and marine work.  I have spent part of my life traveling around by sailboat, building many different small models of boats over the years. Even my own working fishing boats. I eventually bought some land and built an all solar and firewood powered house. Almost a boat on land. Thus came the parent site,  It is all about building a solar, disaster resistant structure, with a full workshop on the lower lever. Besides the house, there are many pages of actual first hand information on raising your own fish at home, the pros and con. Articles about living off grid, and more. Please send me an email with any questions, thanks Ray

The canoe model kits started years ago when I was trying to live off the land in Maine. Great place. great country, great people but money was tight.

I really wanted to build a full size canoe, but couldn’t afford it at the time, and didn’t have a lot of the tools, nor a place big enough for such a project. So I said to myself, “well, I’ll build a small one for now and then when things turn around for me, I’ll do the real thing. So it began. In Maine, the assembled canoe model was a big hit, and some big places started buying them. I wasn’t really making a lot of money per hour but at least I was bringing some money in. I had friends that wanted to build one too, so I came up with the kit for them as well.

I really enjoy building the models, and wish I had an outlet for the finished ones. Because the models and the building method  are so easy to make and so forgiving, everyone is turning out a great looking  model. They are being displayed over the fireplace, in the hunting camp or where ever. I appreciate everyone’s business and enthusiasm and helping me along the way. Thanks again, Ray Cayer

The round solar home that I built in the woods. Concrete roof, floors and walls, heavily insulated with radiant heat in the floors. Visit with more about me and the building of this round disaster resistant structure. My own copy writed self supporting roof along with other projects that are going on..