55″ skin on frame kayak model kits


We are excited about the 55″ skin on frame kayak kit, modeled after the “Curlew” from the book “The Fuselage Frame Boats” by Jeff Horton. He offers the table of offsets to build the Curlew, 15 skin on frame kayak



This kit is just like the full sized version, thought the frames are modified slightly to accommodate the small size. It is a little tricky drawing the frames from the book and if i was going to build the full size kayak, I would definitely buy the full size drawings and plans from him.After building so many different types of canoe and kayak, some full sized, I am now really starting to appreciate the practicality of the skin on frame construction. By far the easiest, and least mess to build. Tiny amount of sanding for clean up that is it.  The stringers in the kit will be clear poplar and the frames will be a 3 mm plywood.

The fabric is 1.8 oz aircraft Dacron which has shown to be great, inexpensive and irons out great. Also amazed at how tough it it, puncture resistant and can except any finish. In the photos provided I varnished the skin.  I am preparing to build the full size kayak as well, which should be quite inexpensive. Please email us about your thoughts and interest in these new kits.

The kit now comes with rigid two piece coaming instead of the laminated one that is shown in the photos.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 6 × 2 in

55" Skin on frame kit, Battery Operated LED, Bare completed 55" assembled

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