Dan Hull, Windy Lake, Ontario, has been busy!

Dan writes: Hi Ray, A few pics of how I self isolate. Yes I sure do use your plans.  I made 3, six foot light fixture canoes, One 54″ and one 36.  I’ve also modify your 54 ” plans to make a canoe wall shelf, I will send photo when finished.  I make all my own wood, and enjoy building these very much.  Location is Windy Lake in Northern Ontario.

54″ 1930’s Robertson canoe

Hi Ray, A couple of months ago I purchased your Canoe model plans book after I saw your finished models on line. I built the 54″ canoe and am very pleased with the results. I restore wood canvas canoes as a hobby, and it was a nice change of pace to build a small version of the originals. I added a few things to the model to replicate a canoe I am currently restoring, which is a 1930’s Robertson canoe. The canoe has a painted finish that is over the pine planking that was sanded and filled as needed. It has become more of a conversation piece than my full size canoes!  Thanks for the nice book and I will recommend it to others. Thanks Joe Brown

13′ Canoe Chandelier !

Scott Frask from Mericle Commercial Real Estate in Wilkes Barre, PA had me build a 96″ canoe light last August, and loved it, but wanted another exactly the same but 13’6″ long. I was very pleased with the finished canoe and how strong the hull turned out. Gluing in 1 1/2″ wide thin pine ribs through out the canoe makes it very strong. The lobby of this place is stunning with many other very cool and artistic displays promoting the many great outdoor attributes of North East Pennsylvania. I am flattered to have been chosen to build it for them!

96″ light with antique stain

Just built a 96″ canoe light with the big 7″ LED lights. Stained the dark color, it looks old and like it belongs. I also put in the narrow light deck, which personally, I like better than the full width version. You’re able to see the ribbing and inside of the canoe, especially after I put so much work into the ribbing. This one is going to Washington State. Narrow deck showing off more of the ribbing and inside of the canoe. I build these and hate to see them go.

Using water based paints

I have switched from the oil base poly and paints to all water based products by Rustoleum. The water based paint is great, levels out well, dries fast and hard. Same with the clear finishes as well, and best of all, no fumes. This is a 72″canoe with a dark stain on the inside and the narrow light deck.