Building the strip canoe and kayak model” plans book!


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“So you want to build a model canoe or kayak? Canoe Model Kits has a large selection of premade kits, ranging from 24″” long all the way up to 96″” long. They are all listed here on Etsy. But if you are one of the many hardy modelers that are determined to build one from scratch, then my plans book, “”Building the Strip Canoe and Kayak Model”” is for you. Complete plans and full sized cut out templates for the four most popular canoes and kayaks that I sell. 36″”, 54″” 72″” canoes and the graceful 42″” kayak. Step by step photos with detailed illustrations of wood sizes, specifications on thickness and lengths and the most important feature, is the full size form templates. Cut these out of the pages and paste them on to your plywood and cut out. Build your strong back and set it up your forms. Cut your strips and start building. This is a great value. Savings of hundreds of dollars verses buying the individual kits.
If you have a table saw or access to one and a selection of clear grained woods, then this great collection of canoe & kayak model plans is for you. 73 pages of detailed instructions and as a bonus, the 4 video DVD (plays in most players but all computers) with actual assembly of the models. And a whole chapter on making your canoe in to a chandelier. A beautiful hanging light over your bar, pool table or the dining table, even over your bed as reading lamp. This is a new offering and a great deal. Not for everyone. This is for the experienced builder that is capable of using power tools to fabricate the parts. So start building your canoe or kayak today!”

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