86″ Mahogany panel Canoe Chandelier kit


The 86″ 10 mahogany panel canoe chandelier will make any builder proud of their efforts. The 4 Premium LED Flat panel lights along with the easy and fast construction is a real winner. This is a complete kit including the panels, light deck,pre-cut cross members, Red Cedar rails, seats, thwarts, deck caps and stem laminates along with the wiring, terminals, hanging eyes and more. Contact me for the latest information on this great kit.


The newest in the line up of easy to build canoes. A real stitch & glue canoe with a new innovation of using a simple strong back with forms that stay in place after the canoe is constructed. (I will have a video on this soon). Each panel, 5 each side, ten total, are CNC cut one piece and will go together easily. Once they are attatched to the form and stitched with stem laminates in place, then the seams get glued from the inside, then a layer of epoxy and cloth on the outside, then your finishing touches. The two piece light deck attatches to the forms, premium LED Flat panels snap in, and your ready to show your beautiful light off. Introductory offer of $425.00 (first five builders) which includes everything to complete this canoe, including the epoxy and cloth. I will be posting much more on this cool project soon. Contact me with any questions you have or more information.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 88 × 8 × 3 in