The 72″ E.M. White Guide wood strip canoe kit is really a big model! Pictures taken of it in the water are hard to tell if it is a model or the full size canoe!  The 72″ is one of the E.M. White Guide canoe series, second to 96″.

All of the E.M. Guide series has gone through many changes and vast improvements over the years. Mainly the CNC cut forms, the use of the 4″ sliding bar clamps to hold the strips in place while the glue dries, along with stem laminates and copper stem guards, real cane seat webbing, and more. The pine ribbing is as realistic as it gets. It is very easy and fun to work with. Soak the cut ribbing in hot water, then gently bend and form to the hull. Let dry and then glue in place. The Krystal Klear epoxy and cloth are 1 to 1 ratio making it almost fool proof to work with, and yielding outstanding gloss finish.

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Every  72″ canoe kit includes:  a  sturdy multi-piece strong back, cut out of MDF,  13 large CNC cut 1/4″ plywood forms, lettered to correspond with the slots on the strong back. A large bundle(around 30) of full length clear white pine strips with an assortment of shorter ones, 4 full length Cedar or Mahogany strips, depending on which wood kit you chose. 4  inner and outer toe rails, plus fancy fully woven seat caning material, seat frames,  two copper half round stem guards,  6 thin stem laminates, two breast hooks, 3 thwarts,  brads, paddle kit, step by step instruction manual and the ” How to build the 72″ DVD.

The strong backs are now machined out of MDF material and stapled together, assuring that it stays true and accurate. The standard kit is the Red Cedar Deluxe which includes everything shown below. Epoxy & 3 oz cloth kit are sold separately. The kit does not come with a stand or wall mount, but there are several different ones to choose from below. We have been offering 72″ wood strip canoe model for a long time and there’s many pictures in the photo gallery. The 72″ canoe model is a real beauty, which will make you feel like you’re actually building the real thing!

There is a Chandelier kit which turns your model into a very beautiful functional over head light. Check out the video.  Email me for more information.

Red Cedar is the most popular choice for the rails, seats, thwarts and breast hooks. I do offer a less expensive poplar and a more expensive mahogany. The epoxy & cloth is recommended for this model making it  very rigid and durable.  16 ozs. of Krystal Klear epoxy an large piece of 3 oz cloth.

   INCLUDED with every Deluxe kit is:

  • 13 CNC cut 1/4″ plywood forms with the centers cut out.
  • A lettered strong back cut out of MDF material ( to prevent any warping) corresponding to the forms for easy set up.
  • A large bundle of clear native white pine strips, for a very nice strip look.
  • 4 “dress”wood strips either (choice of wood)
  • 4 rounded toe rails  (choice of wood)
  • 2 sets of seat frames , 3 thwarts, 2 breast hooks or end decks, (choice of wood) and a prewoven cane seat material.
  • 3 piece wall mount for displaying the finished model
  • Easy to read step by step instruction manual. (can be downloaded for studying)
  • Attractive custom made packaging with colorful label , attractive gift.
  • How to build the 72″ wood strip canoe model kit” DVD
  • Choice of either  Red Cedar or  pine ribbing material for that real ribbing look!
  • 2 copper half round stem guards
  • 6 stem laminates for that real stem look
  • 1 paddle kit

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 75 × 8 × 2 in

Dlx Poplar Pine Rib, Dlx Red Cdr Red Rib, Dlx Red Cdr Pine Rib, Dlx Mahg Rd Cdr Rib, Dlx Mahog, Pine Rib


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