72″ Epoxy Canoe Chandelier Kit


The 72″ Epoxy canoe kit is a great value for those wanting to build a beautiful chandelier but don’t want to take the time to build the wood strip version. This canoe kit comes partially already made! Yes, the hull is ready to be finished with your choice of paint and designs. Even the light deck is pre-cut and ready to install the included LED Flat panel lights. Once finished, there is very little difference from the wood strip version except it took only half the assembly time. A beautiful canoe that will light up any room! Can be used for boat sheds, porches and garages. Ships UPS Ground, $74 USA

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The new 72″ Epoxy Hull Canoe Chandelier kit is our easiest canoe chandelier kit yet. A complete canoe and light kit that anyone can build. The hull is made by a heavy lay up of multiple layer of 6 oz fiberglass cloth in epoxy. The hull will need to be lightly sanded, then sprayed with a high build primer (any hardware store has this). Finish sand with 220 or higher and then apply your favorite color paint. Rusteoleum is perfect for this, easy to use and only cost $5 for a large can. The light deck is cut out of one piece of plywood with all the holes ready to install the lights. The lights are the fabulous 3 colors in 1 LED Flat panel lights that can be dimmed to a glow. Very energy efficient at 8 watts each. This is a very complete kit for a reasonable price. This is brand new, so I am still constructing the website. This kit will include: 71″ long epoxy hull , one piece plywood light deck, 4 multi color LED Flat panel lights ($95 value), Red Cedar toe rails, seats, thwarts and deck caps. All the wiring and connectors needed to complete the light. What’s not included: Sand paper, spray paint, dust protection, gloves, glue.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 74 × 12 × 10 in