Canoe chandelier light kit 145 to 235

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Now we have a kit which turns your 96″, 72″ or the 54″ into a beautiful canoe chandelier. All of the kits now come with the excellent 3 in 1 LED flat panel lights. They use only 8 watts each but put out 5500 lumens of light, and are easily dimmed with a wall mount LED dimmer capatble switch. By toggling the switch on and off you can choose the shade of light you would like for the occasion, such as Warm White, Cool White and Sun White. These lights are more expensive than the floods that I was selling but far superior and are now all that I sell. The new deck assembly is held in place with the two eye bolts which the light is hung from. A huge improvement over the older version where it was all screwed in place. Easier to assemble and finish. Familiarity with electrical tools is needed to wire the lights and cord together. Comes with wide & thin pine floor boards, 5 cross members cut to fit in the hull but some fitting will be required, plus brass screws , wire, 4 light, electric cord , and what ever else is needed to install. $235.00 + shp. Shipping will be figured less if it is combined with the 72″ kit.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 8 × 2 in
54 chandelier kit

4 lights, decking

72 chandelier light kit

4 lights, precut deck, ready to install

96" Chandelier light kit

5 lights, decking


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