Awesome 42″ Strip Kayak

by Paul Schmid of Kayak Consulting in Bellevue WA sent in some photos of his 42″ Strip Kayak build. Excellent job! He wrote:

Your kit was great! Thanks so much for providing these awesome kits!
I am passionate about everything  Kayak. After building four full-sized boats, I’m running out of money, time, space, and – most importantly – my wife’s patience. Your kits are perfectly priced and sized for my passion

72″ Epoxy canoe chandelier kit.

I finally got all the parts readied for the new canoe chandelier kit. It will come with a rugged canoe hull made from hand laid epoxy and cloth. A CNC cut ready made deck and cross members which saves more time. And all of the Red Cedar toe rails, deck caps, seat and thwarts. 4 of the dimmable and switchable LED Flat panel lights. Easiest and fastest way to get great results. Prime the hull, sand smooth and then spray with a good quality paint from your local hardware store. The kit will have its own page. Email me if you’re interested in this great kit. Starting around $359.95