Jack Simmon’s Indian War canoe

Jack did another beautiful job on a 36″ canoe. He emailed me saying “Well, here it is. After finishing my 36” canoe I decided to convert it into a  Haida Indian War Canoe. After doing a little research I came up with the features you see in the photos. Long and short spears, bow and arrows, and defensive shields. These shields are not fixed in place, just in a handy position to grab when needed. At the stern I also added a red pennant (danger) and a crescent moon (night raids with little moonlight), a blue zig zag symbol midships (they traveled over rough seas), and a triangle at the bow (the Haidas often joined forces with two other tribes, the Nootkas and the Tlingits). I finished the basic canoe at the end of August then added the Indian artifacts in September. It was fun working on, I like the way it looks. Well thank you for the nice work Jack. Very inspiring and a fun addition to the line of EM Guide canoes.