Ready to deliver 13′ 6″ canoe

The expanded version of the 96″ is ready to be delivered to PA. Fun project. First full size one I have built. Because I have built so many of the smaller canoes, it was a breeze. All the same.

I used the same forms with the centers cut of them so I was able to use the Harbor Freight 4″ sliding bar clamps to hold the strips in place. I have wondered why other people don’t do this?

13′ 6″ Canoe Chandelier

Coming along. An expanded version of the smaller canoe model kits.

Very pleased with how strong and lightweight it is! Light deck is ready to be installed. I have always said that building the models was just like building the real thing, but this is the real thing. A lot of fun. If you build one of the model kits, then you’d be well versed in building a full size one.

Light deck cross members dropped in place. Strong longitudinals. Hanging the canoe by four eye bolts instead of two. Will have six LED Flat panels and painted green.

Started 13′ Canoe Chandelier

Same forms as the 96″ canoe but expanded.

Building a strong back and a way to support it is a little more involved than one of the smaller kits, but is all the same. If you build one of the smaller kits, then you should have no problem building a full sized one. This canoe will be going to PA for a commercial real estate conference room.