Canned spray paint. Why the shortage?

I often get customers that want their canoe chandelier a custom color. A color that is hopefully available in an oil based spray can, like Rustoleum, which has proven to give an excellent, smooth and durable finish. Recently the customer wanted a blue color that I had used on one of my older postings, Global Blue, which had been in a spray can. I went to three hard ware stores only to find the shelves of spray cans cleaned out. I asked the paint guy about it and he said there was none even on order, NA. Shortage nationwide. Why? He did not know. So I had to have a sample size color of Latex semi-gloss mixed. I have used these paints before. I have sprayed them with an additive called Floetrol, by old time favorite company of Flood. It helps with leveling out. So I brushed this on the finished canoe. You can get excellent results using a good brush or foam, but the key thing is that you have to make every stroke perfect. Not to much paint so that it sags, but enough that it covers and levels out. You have a few minutes to be able to fix a spot you missed but not much more than that. If you try and go back after it has tacked over, it will be ruined. I know, because I did. So even though it was one small spot that was crappy, I still had to sand it all down and the next time put the paint on as thin as possible but still covering. It did come out good. It actually looks like the real full size painted canoes that used oil base brushed on paints. For spraying I used the Floetrol and thinned it alot with water. It is tricky though and takes some experimenting with it until you get the desired finished. The good ole days of oil based finishes is unfortunately going to the way side.