96`` Wood strip canoe chandelier

The 96 is the Grand Daddy of all the Canoe Chandeliers. A real canoe that is shrunk down to 8 feet long. A real beauty for that over whelming presence in any room or over the pool table or bar. Many options are available for this chandlelier. Click on the picture to see all the exciting details.

86`` Mahogany panel canoe chandelier

The 86″ 10 panel mahogany canoe chandelier is in its own world. Rugged, heavy, looks like it is ready for anything. A superb light, rich dark mahogany, stout pine toe rails, thwarts, seats and deck caps. Stunning in any setting. Click to view more.

72`` Wood strip canoe chandelier

The 72 was the first of the wood strip canoes to become a chandelier. Since then they have become extremely popular. They fit into every space and decor. Displaying the beautiful wood strips with rich Red Cedar finish parts. A real beauty. Very popular among the home builders from one of our kits. Click for more information.

54`` Wood Strip Canoe Chandelier

The 54 has its own place in the Canoe Chandelier world. Perfect for those smaller spots such as a snack bar, over the head board of your bed or in a hallway. The perfect compliment to the boat shed or entryway. A great light. But it ready to install or buy a complete kit and build it yourself. Either way, you will be very proud of it. Click for more information.

72`` Epoxy Canoe Chandelier

72″ Fiberglass canoe is in a class of it’s own. Looks just like a painted strip canoe but is totally waterproof and more durable. It is made just like a full sized fiberglass canoe. Hand laid layers of 6 oz. cloth and epoxy, then primed, painted with wood finish parts. Any color, choice. Premium LED lights, beautiful varnished wood, a real beauty while less expensive.