94″ Mahogany Panel canoe

The Mahogany 10 panel stitch and glue canoe has gone through many changes since its first design a couple years ago. Originally it was meant to be an easy to build canoe kit for the customer, several pictures on this blog, but it was more than a handful for most first time builders, and I have found it is not easier than the strip canoe, in fact much more tedious. It is a very different canoe than the others. We had more demand for a large canoe that could be used as shelving over bars, or standing up in a boat house as bookshelf. Sold several as lights. The original design was the 82″ which had two piece panels that could be shipped inexpensively, but now with the larger CNC machine capable of cutting a full 96″ , we have settled on this size. It won’t be sold as a kit unless someone really wants to tackle it. It is a beautiful canoe when completed, much larger than all the others, beamier, deeper and heavier. This one I used heavy seat framing and large thwart, larger deck caps and toe rails. Going to Keven in Auburn Hills, Michigan in his beautiful lake side house.