There is a  large and small table top or mantle mount which works great with all the kits, the smaller one is for the 42" , 36" & 24". Very cool, decorative and goes together easily

Sm stand        Large stand

The Greenland paddle kit is fun to make and depicts the kayak paddles common with Eskimos and Arctic type kayaks. It adds an extra touch to your heirloom . Put your name on Logo on the paddle. $12.00

Model Accesories,  and table or wall mts, paddle kits and Epoxy and cloth kits

Epoxy & 3 oz cloth kits

Paddle Kits for all models

The larger wall  mount comes free with the 54" canoe, the 42" & 55" kayak kits.The lower wall mount comes free with the 36" & 24" canoe kits.

CANOEMODELKITS hats! Choice of five colors. Quality construction with detailed logo embroidered for a long lasting look. $25 includes shp in USA. Adjustable band fits all. Specify color, Khaki, Stone, Green, Grey, White

LED string light kits

Sanding sticks

These home made sanding sticks have been indespenible, being my go to tool for most of canoe kit projects. Easily made by any one by gluing 80 grit or 100 grit to flat piece of wood. I use belt sander belts cut into pieces and then use hot glue them to the stick. They last a long time and really sand quickly and flat. We are selling them ready made for $5 each if you dont want to make one.

For a short time, one will be included in each kit for free till 4/31/17


Wall & table top mounts for all models

We offer several different ways  to display your finished model. A basic wall mt comes with most of the kits except the large 6' kayak or canoe, so we offer a few other fancier mounts that are made specifically for the particular canoe or kayak, mainly the larger ones. These mounts are larger altogether and can except a placque in two different positions. Also larger platform for a more secure way of holding the models in tilted positions.They have some engraving on them to jazz them  up a little. The other version is the "Wave" version, whihc is multiple pieces that slide together to make what looks like your model is riding on a wave. can be painted different colors or varnished.

The Crystal Klear epoxy kits has been one of the best finds since doing the canoe kits. In the past i would use an industrial marine grade epoxy that was yellowish and dull, requiring several coats of varnish afterwards. The Krystal Klear is one coat for your wet out of the cloth, sand smooth and then apply a thinned second coat for a high gloss clear finish that is hard and durable. Easy for anyone to use. Kids of course need supervision. Please specify whihc model you will be using it for. There are 3 sizes, the small is for the 36" canoe, the large is for the Laker, 54" canoe & 72" and the Xlg is for the 96" canoe. Please specify which model you are building

Sm kit 8 oz $35               Large kit  16 oz $55            X large kit 24 oz $75

The new clock kit is pretty cool. EAsy to put together. it will come with an adhesive face plate, a back board cut to the rough size of the kayaks cockpit. it might have to be trimmed slightly. A single A battery operated clock mechanism and a choice of two different hands.There is a second hand. The paddle kit is the same. Hang your kayak vertically on the wall and it is becomes a clock! Email for more information.Clock inserts fit all of our model kayaks.

Clock insert for all kayaks (except 72)

$24.95        On sale 1/2 price

Clock insert for 72" kayak $24.95

                   On sale 1/2 price

Paddle clock, easy to assemble, waterslide decal. $29.95 plus $5 shp

                    On sale 1/2 price

         Promotion good till July 1, 2017


There is a paddle kit sized for each model, starting at a small one for the 24" all the way up to the 96". They are simple to glue together. A template is provided to cut the pieces to the correct shape, then the modeler shapes the paddle, feathering its edges and rounding the shank, making the hand hold. Fun to make and add an extra touch to your heirloom . Put your name on Logo on the paddle The smaller paddle kit is $5, then $8 and $12 for the larger ones

This very nice canoe or kayak mount can be quickly and easily switched from wall to table top. Attatch a brass placque with your name or gifting. Sturdy construction allows slanted view of the model. Very cool, decorative and goes together easily. Two sizes, small for 24 too 42" and the large for all others. Specify the model when ordering. $30.00 for sm or lg

Sm stand        Large stand

The LED string light are very useful for lighting up the inside of your model or maybe the outside or from behind. The small rice size light on a very small (28g) wire, 15' long,  that can be concealed inside the gun whales or kayak, connected to small 3 AA battery pack with a small hand held remote for turnnig on or off or blinking. These have been very popular and priced very reasonably. Warm white or white. Work very well.  $25.00

Warm white               Bright white