Finally finished the book of complete plans to build the 36", 54" & the 72" wood strip canoe models, plus the beautiful 42" wood strip kayak and a section on the "Canoe Chandeliers". Build them all or just one! I have had so many people ask for a set of plans in which they could use to make all of their own parts. Some want to do it to save money while others want to say they did it from scratch. And if you have a tablesaw and the wood laying around, why not? So I wrote a book as complete as I possibly could with 73 pages of photos and illustrations explaining step by step how to build your own model from scratch. The most valuable part of this book though, is the actual size patterns of all the forms. Cut them out and trace the outline on to your 1/4" plywood. Plus all the specifications on the strong backs, the size of the strips, the seat frames and deck caps. A huge value, even if you only build one. The included DVD that is included with kits also goes along with the book. I am very pleased with this and I think you will be too. Considering that you can build 4 models, which includes the 72" canoe and a whole section dedicated to the spectacular CANOE CHANDELIERS! This is a great values at $49.95 which includes shipping and handling (lower 48 only)                                              


Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I received your most excellent Canoe and Kayak Model book (with DVD) today.
Thank you for taking the time to put this together, I know it will give me hours of enjoyment as I build the jigs and ultimately the boat models themselves.  I also have done business with Jeff at Kudzu Craft and have a set of his Vardo plans for skin-on-frame kayak.  As you stated in your book, I want to start small to build some skills before I tackle a full-sized boat.
I’m not sure when I will get around to completing the model as I still have a lot on my plate, but this will give me the motivation to budget my time more efficiently.
Keep up the good work!

Canadian & all international orders $49.95 + $10 shp

"Take a look inside the book" . This does not include all the pages but a selection of all.These were scanned images of the actual book. Click on the arrow to the right to turn pages or as slide show.