Wooden Boat Magazine and their other publications is the go to for anything to do with wood canoes, kayaks or small craft.

Made Kayaks & Paddles is a very cool outfit offering a very nice SOF kits, beautiful paddles and excellent free online instruction manual. Prices appear very reasonalbe.

Kenyon Embroidery, wholesale/retail.

Quality custom team wear-Corporate-Clubs-Small Business Single Piece. Fast turn around. Visit www.kenyonembroidery.com.

Custom embroidery, wholesale/retail

Wood Canoe Heritage Association has everything about vintage canoes.

Kudzo Craft is one  of the best Skin on Frame sites out there. The model Curlew that i offer is Jeff's design. Great stuff.

CNC KAYAKS is a great open source site for anyone wanting to build their own stitch & glue or strip kayak. Free plans, excellent instruction manual is in itself very worth downloading.

There are many great You Tube videos out there that show how easy it is to build your own canoe or kayak. If you don't have the space, one of my kits should satisfy your desire for a short time. Also, watching some of these videos, you can't help but notice the passion and finesse and enjoyment that is being felt by the different builders. Start an adventure now and start building yourself a canoe or kayak even it's only on your table. You have to start some where!

www.RAYCOTECHNOLOGIES.org is my house that I built years ago, so the site is all about the building of an off grid solar house in todays world, plus much more

Info links on the building of the full sized canoe & kayak, plus YouTube videos on the subject