The coolest and only Kayak Chandelier out there! This is the first of the line of  kayak lights that we will be offering.  It can be purchased here completely assembled or as a kit. All kits will come with 5 rounded edge strings, each with a scarf cut in them, making it easy to glue together to make a full length stringer. We do that so that the kit will ship in a shorter box and save you money on shipping. The deck is 1/4" plywood with grooves cut to simulate separate boards. All of the forms are cut on the CNC and go together easily. The builder will construct his own easy to build strong back, which also saves money on shipping. Also enables the builder to customize the completed length by adjusting the distance between each frame. Plus 4 of the premium 3 in 1 LED Flat panel lights, our new standard since they are dimmable to just a glow and bright enough to read by. They are 8 watts each which is a huge energy saver. On top of that, you can switch between Warm white for a cozy atmosphere to a Cool white for brightness or Sun White for an in between. Switchable by toggling the wall switch. These are great lights and come standard with this kit. All wiring needed is included, instructions. I have not done a video on this yet but plan too. Introductory offer of $399.95 + shipping, usually about $30 to $40. 

Kayak Chandelier Kit