New version of 42" wood strip kayak kit.Short video  assembling the kayak. A real beauty. Short video, 14 min.

The "How to build the 72"wood strip canoe video has been newly done showing the whole process of start to finish. Plus the DVD with this video and also 3 other videos, the 36 and the two 42" kayaks will be on the DVD. The video is an improvement of the older one which I did quite a few years ago. I did all myself so it's still amateurist looking, but still shows the process and should be very helpful for the builder.  Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions.

 Old original video of the 36" wood strip canoe. we no longer use brads and pins to hold the strips. But it does show in detail it going together. 15 minutes long.

Good video of actually opening up each kit as you will receive it. Some parts might be different in today's kit. .

 New version of putting the  36" wood strip canoe together. Shows how easy it is to assemble one of the canoes. Short video, 14 min.

New full length video of "How to build the strip canoe" but also pertains to all strip models. It is now on DVD and comes with 3 other how to videos on the 42" Kayaks & 36" canoe. The DVD will come with most kits now and is improved over the last one.

42" Stitch & glue kayak kit. One of the easiest to build with great results. Shows how easy it is to assemble one of the canoes. Short video, 14 min.

"Building the 72" wood strip canoe, part two

Older video, outdated building method, but still a lot of information.Building the 72" wood strip canoe, part one.