We also have the canoe chandeliers as well, 54", 72" or 96"! Click pic to go to chandelier page

$175 +shp (expires 11/15/17)

The 42" Hybrid stitch & glue kayak is the scale replica Chesapeak series. Very popular DIY kits. This model we are selling fully constructed as shown ready to mount on your wall or fireplace. More pictures available. $279.95 + calculated shipping, usually around $30 Same ones are available on demand, 1 week delivery.

55" Skin Kayak complete with LED string lights with remote installed. Comes with Greenland paddle.Nicely finished with authentic earth colored stain. Scale model of Jeff HOrton's Curlew Kayak. Great value, nicely finished. Can add decals of your choice if desired. $299.00 + shp

Finished canoes and kayak models for sale by  Rocky Oaks


The traditional  mahogany decked 48" stitch & glue kayak, complete model as shown.   $259.95 + shp.

Or with a clock inserted in the cockpit, hang vertical $300 +shp

$250 +shp (expires 11/15/17)

The beautiful 72" &  the 54" finished canoe models, complete with scale paddles, choice of wood combinations. This one shown is the most popular. Pine hull with western Red cedar stems,thwarts, rails, seat frames, ribs and breast hooks. The most beautiful of al the canoe models, priced to sell as complete models ready for display . 54" $699.95 +Sp. 72" 899+sh for base model.  Email me for final costs with any added extras.

  1. SALE!

Brand new! $225

Also have the 55 " in plain natural finish so you can customize the colors and designs     $279.00 + shp                                                                                                                                                         

$175 +shp (expires 11/15/17)

$200 +shp (expires 11/15/17)

Brand new! $175

$550 +shp (expires 11/15/17)

We have an older antiquish looking 54 for $699 +shp

Brand new 54"red cedar deluxe with pine ribbing $799 +shp

Brand new! $175

The 70" Hybrid & solid deck stitch & glue kayak is the scale replica Chesapeake series. This model we are selling fully constructed as shown ready with the large fancy wall or table top mount. These are a great looking model to really dress up that bar or great room. They are well made and reasonably priced at $325 for the solid deck one and $ 399 for the hybrid. Comes with large adjustable wall mount, ($25 value). More pictures available. Shipping about $35 in USA

Nicely finished 36" fiberglass canoe, painted gloss hunter green.Scale model of the famous E.M. White guide canoe.  Choice of colors and wood available.$229.95 + shp (around $25)

$150 +shp (expires 11/15/17)

Clearance sale on all of the finished models, up to 50% off

pick out your model and email me, I'll send an invoice.

Brand new! $225