The Canoe Chandelier light kit is designed to be installed the 54", 72" or 96". The 54 comes with 2 lights, 72 and 96" 4 lights, plus the pine floor boards, cross beams cut to roughly fit, along with brass screws, wire, terminals, 6' of cord and miscellaneous items.  Warm white is standard, but the cool white is availble (second picture). Please let know if you would prefre the cool white when you order.

54" chandelier light kit $115.00 + shp,

72" chandelier light kit $135.00+ shp, 

96" chandelier light kit $165.00+ shp, 

Ready to install 96" Canoe Chandelier with 4 lights, pull switch, two hanging eyes and 6' cord. 1575.00 + shp which is about $215.00 USPS Priority to lower US. No international shipping. This is fairly heavy , 16lbs so strong hanging eyes required.

Warm White                       Cool White

Our "Canoe Chandeliers" are a one of a kind light that is both beautiful to look at and great for lighting up that snack bar, pool table, over your bed or anywhere that shows off your good taste. There are 3 sizes to choose from. The 54" is the most popular with three energy efficient  LED soft white flood lights. It measures 53.5" long, 10" wide, and has to hanging points. Only weighs 8 lbs. Easy to install. Choose either direct cord which you'll turn the light on from your own switch operated outlet or have a pull cord switch in the center, or can be both. The lights and assembly can be bought as a kit to add to your own 54" canoe or purchased with one of our kits. A great value either way. The finished chandeliers are painstakingly built with 50 hours for each one. Presently we have the high gloss clear epoxy finish but will be adding a true canvas covered version with choice of colors.  The finished 54 will ship USPS Priority.

If the 54 isn't big enough we have the 72" which is just like the 54 but larger in length, and has 4 lights instead of 2. The finished 72 ships UPS ground.

Then there is the biggest and most impressive light, and our largest canoe kit, the 96". This is a very realistic canoe, many people ask if they could actually get in it and paddle it, but no you can't. it is for display only. The 96"ships UPS ground as well. They are all a beautiful light and will be the talk of any room, lodge, banquet hall or that special hunting lake side getaway. 

Ready to install 72" Canoe Chandelier with 4 lights, pull switch, two hanging eyes and 6' cord. 1275.00 + shp which is about $90.00 USPS Priority to lower US

Ready to install complete 54" Canoe Chandelier with 2 lights, pull switch, two hanging eyes and 6' cord. 975.00 + shp is about $70.00 USPS Priority to lower US or buy the kit  and build it yourself for much less.

Send me an email about which light you would like and I will send an invoice with shipping costs and any adjustments to price. USPS Priority to lower US and UPS for the 96"