Rocky Oaks has been building the canoe model kits, and the fully assembled models for 20 years, along with doing scrimshaw and other artwork.  The parent site, is all about building a fully solar, disaster resistant structure, with a full workshop on the lower lever. Besides the house, there are many pages of actual first hand information on raising your own fish at home, the pros and con. Articles about living off grid, and more. Please leave a comment in the blog section. thanks Ray 

Three models to choose from

The new larger 54" model , the original 36" and the 48" Kayak kit. the 54" kit offers even more detail. Easier to construct . Especially the seats are easier to weave in to a realistic pattern. All the seats, Swartz and railings are made out of native popular to give a contrasting look. The original 36" kit has been a success with 100's built. The kayak is as easy to build as the others using a new method in which some of the plywood frames stay in place while being stripped over.  any of the kits will be  a joy and satisfying experience to build.


Rocky Oak Canoe model kits