96" next to a 72" canoe. Just like the Real Thing!

96" Wood Strip Canoe , the largest canoe kit out there!

96" with the floor decking with 4 LED flood lights

Very pleased with the new 96" long wood strip canoe kit.  Many new changes with the design. Much more recurve in the bow and stern to look more like the Charles or older Old Towns. Also a little wider and flatter bottom. White pine ribbing   with all finish parts  Red Cedar. The large clear pine strips are 5/8" wide so the lay up builds quickly. I found also the thickness of the strips in relation to the width, allowed them to easily conform to the twists, thus laying very flat. Less sanding at the end. Even though it is very large, 8' long, it is still very manageable to build in any basement or work bench. It is helpful to be able move from one side to the other. Cover it with the clear epoxy and 3 oz cloth and or a layer of Dacron heat shrinkable fabric for a real canvas look. The higher bow and sterns were a little tricky with bending the inner and outer toe rails. Had to be very careful doing this, being sure to use a lot of clamps. Let us know if you have a specific preference of woods. The 96" is sold as a kit or completed to any stage. The best is the turning it into a chandelier with one of my "chandelier light kits". There have been many built so far with great success. Even though a first time builder could build this, I recommend starting with a smaller version first. Not meant to be used in the water. This is an exciting project at a great price.

 The shipping will be two boxes, one that is a maximum lenght of 99" and the other small rectangular box with all the forms, seats, breast hook and thwarts and cane webbing. The shipping will be UPS.  Cost is about $45 to $65  for the two boxes depending on location. The builder will construct his own strong back from 2 good quality 2 x4's. Instructions included. The floor as shown with lights is an extra, so please email me with more specific requirements.

The 8' foot canoe kit with pine ribbing and Red Cedar finish parts.$349.05 + shp

Crystal clear high gloss epoxy & large piece of 3 oz cloth kit. $75.00 when sold with kit.

Brent Edwards superb 96" with antiqued look!