Dlx poplar pine rib $169.95 Dlx Red Cdr Red rib $179.95 Dlx Red Cdr pine rib $169.95 Dlx Mahg Rd Cdr rib $179.95 Dlx Mahog, pine rib $169.95

Hi Ray, I received the 54” kit today.  Outstanding Kit!!!!!  The best I`ve seen. I am looking forward to start building it.  I`ll be ordering a red cedar kayak stringer kit in a few weeks. Thanks, Joe Urbanski, Michigan

The Deluxe 54" E.M White guide wood strip canoe kit , our mid sized canoe
   INCLUDED with every kit is:
-13 CNC cut 1/4" plywood forms with the centers cut out.
-A lettered strong back cut out of MDF material ( to prevent any warping)

corresponding to the forms for easy set up.
- A large bundle of about 30 full length  clear native white pine strips
-4 "dress" wood strips either Red  Cedar or Mahogany
-4 rounded toe rails  (choice of wood)
-2 sets of seat frames , 3 thwarts, 2 breast hooks or end decks, (choice of wood) and a prewoven cane seat material.
-3 piece wall mount for displaying the finished model
-Easy to read step by step instruction manual. (can be downloaded for studying)
-Attractive custom made packaging with colorful label , attractive gift.
-Choice of either  Red Cedar or  pine ribbing material, easily formed for that real ribbing look!
-2 copper half round stem guards
-6 stem laminates for that real stem look
-1 paddle kit

-How to build 72" wood strip canoe DVD

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Light up the inside or background with one of the inexpensive white or warm yellow LED string light kits, with a remote and a concealable battery box. A drop of glue holds the very small lights in place along the gunwhales. About 25', can be cut to length or doubled up. Great touch, only $25.00

The 54" E.M. White Guide Canoe, The Mid Size Classic with all the best features!

Add an extra scale paddle kit. Easy to assemble, glue and cut out using the included pattern, sand and finish. $8.00 

 Click  buy now and put in your zip to see the shipping cost to you. All kits ship Priority USPS 2 to 4 days, USA.  Custom boxes keeps the shipping cost low to you!

54" Red Cedar Deluxe with Pine ribbing

Now we have a light kit which turns your 96", 72" or the 54" into a beautiful canoe chandelier. The 54" has 2 soft white 20 watt LED flood lights that screw into a pine floor with cross members. The whole assembly gets several brass screws from the outside, that holds it in place. Easy to assemble and finish. Familarity with electrical tools is needed to wire the lights and cord together. Comes with wide & thin pine floor boards, 3 cross members cut to fit in the hull but some fitting will be required, plus brass screws , wire, 4 light, electric cord , and what ever else is needed to install. $175.00 + shp.

The original style LED 20 watt flood lights are still available for less money, work great. Choose either Cool or Warm white. $125+shp

16 oz Krystal Klear epoxy  with large piece of 3 oz polyester cloth kit for $55 + $5 shp

We carefully hand pick and pack each kit to ensure a quality kit. If for any reason though you are not satisfied with your kit, we will replace the kit, or the parts or refund all your money with in two weeks of your purchase date. Buyer will be responsible for the return shipping. We appreciate your business and your enthusiasm ! 

The 54" E.M. White guide canoe model is our mid-sized canoe kit. Some say it is a little easier to build than the smaller kits, since everything is larger. As with all the canoe kits, there are CNC (computer) cut frames with the centers removed to facilitate using the 4" Harbor Freight slide clamps to hold the strips in place as the glue dries. This has been a huge improvement over the old method of using brads and pins. More detail can be added through out. The real seat caning material for life like seats, soft copper half round for the bow and stern guards, wood laminates for the stem and stern stems, and Red Cedar or white pine ribbing available for all canoe kits really makes it stand out.  A great mid size model finishing out at 54" long, 10" wide and about 4.5" deep, end to end.  Start building yours today! If you have your own custom ideas, let us know and we'll put the kit together to your order. Don't forget the LED light kits, a real eye catcher. The Deluxe kit includes all of those parts plus stem laminates, copper stem guards and  choice of ribbing.