Add a to scale paddle kit for only $8. Easy to assemble. Glue the pieces together, trace the included pattern, cut and shape.  Adds a great touch to finish model.

42" Wood strip Kayak Kit

The  42" Wood strip kayak model kit.

Easy and fun to build, BETTER THAN EVER!

All ages can enjoy the life like construction of the 42" wood strip  kayak. Experience the building of a kayak  right on your table top.

The kits come with everything needed to build one wood strip kayak. Included with each kit is 24 full length clear pine strips, 4 Red Cedar full length strips, 8 1/4" plywood forms, a solid strong back made from MDF  labeled for placement of each form, a two piece rigid coaming, sheer clamps, molded back & bottom seats,  thin ply hatches, webbing & buckles, braided cord for fore & aft storage, brass brads, adjustable wood wall mt, easy to follow step by step instructions, online videos and excellent email support. The wood strip kits might look difficult to build, but actually they are very easy and very forgiving. Can be varnished, or painted or both. Come with compass rose decal are available as well. Top it off with one the easy to make paddle kits. Great father and son project, winter day dreaming or desire to learn actual building techniques of the full size kayaks.  Easy to build, fast assembly with great results. Produces a model that can be reworked, painted, new designs. Made with native USA white pine. Will even float in your favorite fish pond or pool. The complete kit, (excluding glue, pins, clamps, etc) is available direct from Rocky Oaks via PayPal.

42" wood strip kayak kit                         $129.95 + shp