36" Glass canoe kit, Red Cedar parts and the pine ribbing. It also has an optional dacron cloth covering to look like canvas. A great kit with great results!

36" Glass canoe being laid up in the mold. First layer of 3 oz fiberglass cloth, then a layer of 10 oz and then a finish layer of 3 oz again. Very rugged little hull. Totally waterproof.

Complete kit with poplar parts,  $134.95 + shp

36" glass canoe kit, Red Cedar parts with

Pine ribbing kit, $159.95 +shp

Pine ribbing kit  sold separately,        $20.00

Introducing the the newest addition to Canoe Model Kits. The 36" epoxy hull kit. The easiest of all the kits to build. The small 36" epoxy canoe hull is made from 3 layers of 10 oz. fiberglass cloth,wetted out with epoxy resin, hand laid in a mold. No gelcoat. A smooth finish that requires light sanding, and cleaning to remove the wax, a primer and then your choice of colored paint. The rails, seats, thwarts and caps are the same quality parts as the wood strip kit with a choice of either mahogony or the standard poplar for all the wood parts. Add the Pine ribbing kit for $20 more.  Either one, the results are impressive and fast. The hulls might come with some imperfections or blemishes such as a small air pockets or creases that will require a little filling or sanding just like an actual full size hull. Soon, there is a kayak and possibly the larger canoe version also going to be available soon.