Two scale paddle kits, $5.00

Adjustable wall mt kit only $5.00

The newest canoe kit on the block! 24" long, 3 1/2" wide. Now with even easier to set up strong back and forms, CNC machined. it all slides together without glue. Same wood strip construction method as well as the other steps.

Computer cut forms and strong back slide together in notches without glue. The bow and stern stems become part of the canoe and stay in place. Same quality parts of white pine strips as the larger kits, including easy to bend pine ribbing. Pre cut seats require minimal sanding and prep for the small piece of cane webbing glued in from underneath. Kit comes with rich Red Cedar finish parts. This is a detailed quality kit in a smaller scale. With our improved CNC cutting ability, we were able to  lower the price too! 

  $129.95 + shipping.

24" Wood strip canoe model kit