The Grand Laker canoe is the newest addition to out fleet of scale replica canoes. The Grand Laker was originally built  when the advent of the outboard became available to the public. Before the introduction of the outboard, the guide canoes along with their fishing or hunting clients were often towed the long distance to the other end of the lakes by a ferry service on Moosehead lake in the morning, and then caught a tow at the end of the day, until someone decided to modify their canoe to take an outboard.  Now the guides could go anywhere, anytime and faster. This new innovation brought the guides $2 more a day, which lead to the production of the  freighter or Grand Laker canoe which  became the industry standard. This is  a 1/5th  scale model of the most popular design, which was 19.6' long by 46" wide. Multiple seats were added along with different types of racks for carrying gear. The 8 hp Evinrude or Johnson were the "big" motor of it 's day.  The "Laker" as we'll call it, is built the same way as the other kits using the same materials and proven method. The superb Super glossy epoxy kit is a real winner along with the CNC cut outboard kit, which in itself was a lot of work to produce. The outboard kit contains 18 pieces that get stacked and glued and then sanded and painted. a decal set is applied. Quite pleased with this offering.  a special style paddle has also been designed for it as well. Add one of the large wall or table mts to show it all off. Great value!

The "Grand Laker" freighter canoe

The Grand Laker canoe kit $175.00                         

The Grand Laker Deluxe kit with everything:  epoxy & cloth kit, outboard kit, paddle kit and fancy wall or table top mount all for a  package price of $ 265.00 .

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