The very popular 48" L wood strip kayak kit is modeled after one of the popular DIY full size kits. Our own  Easy to build method  guarantees great results

The new 48" Kayak model kit. Click video to watch start to finish of kayak model kit. Fun stuff!.

The 54" canoe model is identical to building the actual full size canoe. Varnished or painted, it will be the talk of the den or family room or over the fireplace.  

Start to finish video of the 36" original canoe model kit 
tHE 36" canoe HAS BEEN VERY POPULAR, MORE THAN 500 HUNDRED HAVE BEEN BUILT. Several choices available for  Red Cedar, Mahogany or Poplar. and  now we are ofering Alaskan Yellow cedar for Ribbing. 
72" Stitch & Glue kayak

New shopping cart with shipping calculator installed. Click on buy now and put in your zip to see the shipping cost to you. All kits ship Priority USPS 2 to 4 days, USA.  Custom boxes keeps the shipping cost low to you!

We,re very excited about the new LED light kits for all your models. Light up the interior, or background or the inside of a skin kayak. Remote control, small concealable battery pack at a low price. Truely a real enhancement to your model!

The newest kit is the 36" & 55" skin on frame kayak. The easiest, least of mess to build, with impressive results  at a low price. Exactly like building the full size. Click for details

55" Skin on frame kayak kit

The big 6' Stitch & Glue kayak kit. Okoumee Mahogany plywood with Alaskan yellow and Red cedar decking. Kick up rudder, coaming, foam seats, opening hatches and more.

55" Skin on frame kayak kit



We finally had the newest 24" kit ready for the show and it was a big success, selling out all that I had.

Jim Kemp from Royal Oak, Michigan just sent in a finished photo of his 42" Stitch and glue Hybrid kayak. He built to match his own full size kayak. Now he's building one of canoes!

24" quality detailed canoe kit

Joeseph Urbanski from Lakeville, Massachusetts just sent in a finished photo of the 72" Stitch and glue kayak kit that he built. Very beautifully done with many unique additions. Great job Joe!!

Canoe Model kits, just like building the real thing!

The new tabletop "Wave Stand" and finally a table top or wall mt adjustable mount for the large  72" models.  Large & small versions for all models.

The neat 42" plywood stitch & glue kayak kit. Very easy to build in a 1/3 of the time of the others. Modeled after the very popular kits. Check out the promotions.

The new 36" fiberglass canoe hull kit. The easiest of all the kits to build. 

The 48" stitch & glue kayak model kit assembly video. Easy step by step . 

It is hard to know what to get someone  so now "Gift Cards"  available towards any kit.Printable certificate with desired amount  towards one of our kits.

Amy Sundstrom from Scituate, Rhode Island is diving right into building the new 8' canoe.

  1. The new improved frame centers cut out to use the 4" clamps. Use clamps to hold the strips in place instead of pins or brads.

Chris Cayemberg of East Troy , Wisonsin is  finished with  his 55" skin on frame kayak. Chris says that the design is from Haida tribal art of Northwest BC. Read more...

Will be at the Deerfield Spring Craft fair in Deerfield, MA March 4 & 5, and the Heritage Craft Fair, Framingham, MA March 18th. Come visit us there and see all the models and kits. Specials on them all! 


"What you get when you buy one of my kits" video shows the actual opening up each kit just as if it arrived at your house

Shane Driscol finished his 36 canoe, adding his own touches.  Very nice!

Douglas Breyfogle just sent in a finished photo of his 42" Stitch and glue Hybrid kayak.  Outstanding Job Doug! More photos at customers gallery and on facebook

Paddle kits for each model. Easy to assemble, trace the included pattern, finish and display with your  model with your name or logo.  .

Ron Velin from Billings MT just sent in a photo of his nice 42" stitch & glue. Very nice!